7 Immature Dating Habits Ladies Should Grow Out This Semester

Without much ado, Here are some immature habits our ladies should grow out of in year 2017

1. Bringing up past mistakes at every disagreement

It’s so easy to do this because we often forgive without forgetting, but we’ve all had plenty of screw- ups and none of us want to be reminded of them regularly.

2. Realizing you’re not interested in someone and choosing to suddenly start ignoring them instead of being honest and telling them how you feel.
That poo sucks!
You might not want to be mean for declining someone’s interest but what’s worse for them, speculating what to make of your complete silence or respectfully finding out there’s no romantic potential?

3. Massive lies

Well Lying about cheating or something extreme is obviously terrible, but pointless, uncalled for lies are pretty concerning as well. A lot of people tell white lies because they don’t think the truth is worth knowing and would lead to unnecessary concern or conversations, but that’s not for you to decide when involved in a serious, grown relationship.

4. Secretly going through our phones, email and other password-protected stuff. If you actually catch yourself trying to ninja hack your love interest’s phone while in your mid-20s, it’s time to part ways or grow up.

5. Purposely trying to make us jealous

Frequently talking about your ex,, saying stuffs like you’ve got other options, subtly flirting on social media – those are all unacceptable shenanigans that should be reserved for immature daters to torture each other with until they learn their lesson and move on to grown relationships.

6. Threatening to withhold something (e.g. conversation, sex, etc.) to get your way.

7.Letting friends have too much say in who you date.

There’s a fine line between friends looking out for you when you’re in an unhealthy relationship and friends trying to handpick a person they like for you. Value opinions but also be mature enough to make final decisions for yourself.

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