7 Items Common To Every FUTO Student


1)MONEY: Without saying much we all knw wat money can do in Nigeria. The bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:19 ”money answereth all things”. This item is all in all nd crucial to the survival of students on campus. With this item u can get anytin u want on campus say grades,girls,food et all. No wonder some students scam their innocent parents at home jux to get more money.

2)BOOKS: As goes the saying, ”a farmer going to the farm without a cutlass is unwise” so also a student without books is useless and unwise.

3)STATIONARIES: Stationeries say pencils,pen et all are very vital to the success of students on campus cuz THE FAINTEST PEN IS SHARPER THAN THE SHARPEST BRAIN,u’ll use these items to jot points during lectures. In some instituitions without this items u wont have success cause wat will u use to write exam if u dont av one of these items?? Ur teeth?? Lol,i’m sure u wont tink of dat..

4)PHOTOCOPIES: I’ll beat my chest on this, look into the bags of evry student on campus it is either u’ll see photocopies of lecture notes,for the lazy ones, that of handouts for those who are too stingy or photocopies of past questios for the studious fellows like myself,lol i’ve even gotten photocopies of this semesters exam past questions.

5)PROVISIONS: Students are very fond of provisions say beverages,milk, sugar,golden morn(funny as it’s sounds i have a friend who brings golden morn to school every semester),cornflakes e.t.c . This items are very helpful during exam or when u have early morning lectures, say 7:00am, usually taken by a sadist of a lecturer who would be in class by 6:45am or earlier and would shut the door by 7:00am on the dot. Tell me if this items won’t be useful in times like this??

6)GARRI: Garrium,G4, garrium di oxide as fondly called on campus, is deemed with high esteem among students who find themselves in government owned instituition infact u’ll hardly find a student who doesn’t take garri along with him to school, quote me anytime anyday. It is this item that keeps student going on when they’re broke or when they’ve exhausted their foodstuffs. I support someone in my department who opines that ”GARRI SAVES LIFE”. Give me a reason why this opinion is wrong and i’ll give u five reason why it is right. Quote me on this.

7)MOBILE PHONES: With the world now a global village,student now need to communicate with their parents,loved ones et all with relatively ease nd no other item can match this need than a mobile phone, making the mobile phone common among students, even though it is nokia touchlight phone na phone. Someone once told me that wen he was in sch,any time he wants to communicate with his parent he’ll have to write letter and wait for response in 3months time and counting,jux put ursef in this situation,imagine u’re broke nd u need money urgently, mehn dat’s somtin hellish cuz u’ll starve while waiting for ur parents’ response.
Feel free to add urs.

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