Reasons Why I Love IMT Department…..(FUTO)

1-You will ask your far with reading? They say they haven’t started…only for you to get to the library and find out they have a permanent seat.

2 If you think true love and a virgin is the only thing that is hard to find, try looking for your Academic Adviser, HOD or Director when you need his signature on a form or on your file.

3 In IMT you don’t need to go far for any workman. right  near you, you have student(s) that is/are electrician, painter, carpenter, designer, plumber and even intra-campus okada riders.

4 IMT  students can configure free browsing on small Nokia torchlight phone and install whatsapp on their room televisions.

5 You get to class as early as 6.30am especially in ur First Semester at 750 capacity only to see that all seats have been occupied with bags, lip-sticks, books and other belongings. You start asking yourself if ghosts are offered admission too.

6 You have already prepared food but to eat it is another obstacle because you are already late for lectures.

7 Lecturer: Only 10 students in class today? Tear a sheet of paper for your quiz, turns to the board to write but before he turns back, the class is full to the brim.

8 Come to Night Class during exams, you will see different levels o reading -scaning, skimming, jaking, craming and lots more.

9 It’s always funny when exam supervisor says SUBMIT!! And many students suddenly develop that super-human ability; answering 3hrs question in 50seconds.

10 IMT girls have different categories of boy friends viz Quiz boy friend, Exam Boyfriend, coca cola spot Boyfriend, Assignment Boyfriend, madam G boyfriend, sunic boyfriend and even okada rider Boyfriend…etc

11 IMT lecturers can teach on Saturdays, Student’s week, Ash Wednesdays and even on December.

IMT sweet die!

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